Stambaugh Auditorium

Performing Arts

Built in 1926, the Stambaugh Auditorium stands as a civic center and architectural masterpiece located on the northside of Youngstown. In 2022, a capital improvement project restored the facade of the magnificent building. The project scope also included upgrades for handicap access, wrought iron restoration, and exterior lighting.

History of Stambaugh Auditiorium

Local industrialist Henry Stambaugh funded the building as a site "to be used for the enjoyment, pleasure, entertainment, and education of the community." Stambaugh Auditorium is a fine example of Greco-Roman architecture that takes its inspiration form the Pantheon in Paris. The first concert featured Will Rogers. Over the years many well known performers have graced the stage including:

History and Mission

The genesis of the Youngstown Urban Development Corporation (YUDC) was established in the 1990s to improve housing in the city under the name Jubilee Urban Renewal Corporation. We have improved the city through the construction, rehabilitation, and property management of 240 Youngstown homes.

We started out of the need to address the economic decline that swept through the City of Youngstown resulting from the demise of the steel industry. Initially, the south and east sides experienced the most disinvestment. Vacant homes became increasingly more prevalent. Over the years, the rate vacancies changed the landscape of once active, stable neighborhoods throughout most of the city.

Jubilee targeted the south side through its First-time Homebuyer Program. The next phase of Jubilee, the Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) program expanded its housing efforts to include the east side as well. Our programs brought home ownership opportunities to many who otherwise may never have had the opportunity to own a home. In total, we invested over 19 million dollars to assist 200 families with home ownership.

Our focus is now concentrated actions to stabilize, restore, and develop homes and multiplexes located from city center through the northside. This includes work to improve whole blocks and the primary transit corridors. Our investments enhance the areas around our property portfolio and stabilize the surrounding neighborhood.