Support Youngstown 2030

Restoring Community and Preserving History

We are dedicated to accelerating the economic development of Youngstown through innovative projects that include the adaptive re-use of historic properties. Our goal is to foster a vibrant, thriving city that honors its past while building a sustainable future.  You can give to neighborhood development on this page or specifically to the South High restoration project.

South High School - Youngstown, Ohio

Why Your Support Matters

Your support is crucial in helping us provide additional housing opportunities and essential services that improve the quality of life for all residents of Youngstown. With every donation, we move closer to transforming our shared vision into reality:

  • Rehabilitating Neighborhoods: Your contributions help us restore and enhance existing homes, making them safe, energy-efficient, and affordable.

  • Developing New Housing: Your support enables the construction of new, sustainable housing solutions tailored to meet the needs of our community.

  • Preserving Historic Buildings: We are committed to preserving Youngstown’s architectural heritage. Your donations fund the restoration of historic buildings, ensuring they remain a valuable part of our cityscape for generations to come.

Your Impact

When you donate, you become a part of a community-wide effort to revitalize our city:

  • Enhanced Living Conditions: Improved housing leads to healthier lives and better economic opportunities.
  • Economic Growth: Revitalizing neighborhoods and preserving historic sites attract businesses, boosting local employment and income.
  • Cultural Preservation: Maintaining our unique architectural and cultural landmarks enriches the community’s identity and pride.

Tax Deductible

All donations are tax-deductible, ensuring that your generosity not only contributes to the restoration of South High School but also provides you with a benefit at tax time.

Other Ways to Give

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