Grand South High Lobby

South High Entry Lobby Step into the grandeur of South High School’s lobby, adorned with exquisite marble wainscoting, marble steps, and terrazzo floors. As you enter through three beautiful stone arches topped with intricate half-moon windows, you’ll be greeted by 15-foot coffered ceilings and impressive columns. This elegant lobby, with its stately marble and architectural […]

South High Stories: Youngstown Legacy

South High School - Youngstown, Ohio

South High: Youngstown Legacy South High Stories Celebrate the cherished memories and enduring impact of South High School. View a collection of short videos featuring heartfelt anecdotes from alumni and former staff. Their stories bring to life the spirit and camaraderie that made South High a cornerstone of the Youngstown South Side community. Judge D’Apolito […]

Historic Architecture at South High

Architecture of South High Architectural Background of Historic South High Architect Charles F. Owsley designed South High School in the Renaissance Revival style, mirroring the grandeur evident in his notable work on the Mahoning County Courthouse. The school features an 800-seat auditorium, coffered plaster ceilings, terrazzo floors, a marble entryway, and decorative columns and arches, […]

Flag Raising at South High

Flag Raising at South High Old Glory Returns to South High The American Flag now proudly waves at South High School, marking a poignant moment in its ongoing restoration. For years, the flagpole stood bare, but it now hosts the Stars and Stripes once more, symbolizing a return to its historic splendor. The iconic South […]